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Princeton University evacuated due to bomb threat


Students walk across Princeton University's campus. The school was evacuated on Tuesday following a bomb threat.


Thomas Cain

Princeton University's campus was evacuated Tuesday following a bomb threat. 

Though most of the students left the campus days or weeks ago following the end of regular classes and the school's Commencement exercises, Princeton still ordered a campus-wide evacuation until further notice. 

Those still at the university were evacuated around 10:30 a.m., CBS Local News reported. It was unclear which buildings had been targeted, or how many.  

"There has been a bomb threat to multiple unspecified campus buildings," the university said in a statement. "Please evacuate the campus and all University offices immediately and go home unless otherwise directed by your supervisor."

"Public Safety officers and Princeton Police will direct drivers leaving the campus and those without cars will be directed to evacuation sites. You will receive an update later today. Do not return to campus for any reason until advised otherwise," it added. 

The Princeton police also tweeted that all inbound traffic to the city was being blocked, and cautioned people to avoid downtown: 

Gov. Chris Christie's spokesman said the New Jersey politician was not in Princeton Tuesday, the location of the executive home.  

Princeton, located around 50 miles south of New York City, is part of the Ivy League. It is the fourth-oldest college in the United States.