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Why China has Fallen for Fixies


Fixed gear city bicycle on a wall


Jose Juan Garcia

For Thursday's Geo Quiz, our destination is China's largest city.

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Bicycles have historically been the cheap, efficient way of getting from A to B there.

But now fixed-gear bikes are becoming the must-have fashion accessory for this city's hip young professionals.

The flat terrain at the mouth of the Yangtze River makes it an ideal place for fixies.

And with a population of over 23 million – cycling is a great way to avoid the mega traffic jams.

This city has been called the Paris of the East – but with the surge in fixed gear bikes, it's more like the Williamsburg of the East.

Which Chinese city is it?

Well, If you live in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Or the Mission District in San Francisco, or even just down the road from The World's studio in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, you know what a fixie is.

Fixed gear bikes are the unofficial vehicle of choice for hipsters.

They are light weight bikes, they are single speed, and they often have no brakes.

Well, apparently the fixie is becoming popular in China.

Jennifer Duggin lives in Shanghai – which is the answer to our Geo Quiz.

Duggin has written a blog in London's Guardian about how the Chinese are falling for fixies.

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Jennifer Duggan about the new craze over fixies in China.