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Saudi Prince Reportedly Dropped $19.5 Million On A 3-Day Extravaganza At Disneyland Paris




A Saudi prince reportedly spent €15 million (or $19.5 million at today's conversion rates) for a three-day celebration at Disneyland Paris, AFP reports.

Prince Fahd al-Saud supposedly booked whole areas of the theme park to "celebrate his degree" with 60 guests.

Park operator Euro Disney told AFP that festivities included custom-created events involving "rare Disney characters."

The prince has denied that the extravaganza was for him, taking to Instagram to say that the AFP confused him with someone with the same name, and that he would never waste money on something so frivolous. 

He wrote: 

 Dont u hate it when someone with the same name does something crazy and u get stuck with the backlash? Finally all my over posting on Instagram has proven useful because if u follow me u know that I've never been to Disneyland paris or Hong Kong (well not since I was 12) when in doubt just check my timeline lol. Although i personally think spending such an amount is ridiculous especially since there are better ways to utilize such blessings for the betterment of ones country and other in need NGOs in the world. With that said I cannot chastise a person I don't know for how they choose to spend their money. I know In my lifetime when I didn't know any better I wasted money on material and frivolous things but I am now older and wiser. We all make mistakes but the important thing is that we learn from them. #itwasntme

But park representatives told AFP that the prince is one of the Disneyland Paris' top customers, and that special security was put in place for his visit. So we aren't sure who to believe.

According to his personal Facebook page, Prince Fahd is a graduate of Stanford University who serves as Saudi Arabia's Foreign Ministry’s Head of Student Affairs and Government Advisor on cyber technology. 

His Facebook page also says he was Facebook’s Head of User Operations‐Arabic in 2008, and co-founded tech start-ups Popover Games and Appiphany Inc, as well as Na3m (New Arabic Media).

For more on the prince's antics, you can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram, where he takes pictures of himself with models while traveling the world.


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