At least seven injured in explosion at New York college (VIDEO)

At least seven have been injured after an apparent natural gas explosion at Nyack College in upstate New York, although none of the injuries appear to be life threatening.

One student was injured, as well as six staff members, reported Hudson Valley News 12 of the incident at the Christian college outside of New York City. 

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“One of them was blown or fell from the second story through a window and is being treated for back and neck injuries, but as far as we know none of them were seriously hurt,” said head of Rockland County Fire and Emergency Services Gordon Wren to the New York Daily News.

"There's a lot of people hurt," said South Nyack Mayor Bonnie Christian of the incident, according to Fox News. "There's a lot of people injured. We got ambulances up here galore."

The blast occured in a building dating from the 1920s, reported CBS New York, which added that fire officials believe a "major gas explosion" was behind the disaster. Although it was believed that people had been trapped in the blast, further investigation revealed that wasn't the case. 

Two people were taken to the hospital with flash burns, added CBS, while others were injured by either splintering wood or breaking glass. Children at a nearby middle school were evacuated as a precuation.