Ecuador proposes talks with UK over Wikileaks' Julian Assange


Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino speaks during a press conference. Patino has offered his UK counterpart talks over the fate of Julian Assange who remains in Ecuador's embassy in London after being granted asylum.


Rodrigo Buendia

Ecuador has offered to meet with the United Kingdom over the fate of Wikileaks' Julian Assange.

Assange remains in Ecuador's UK embassy in London and is expected to meet with Ecuador's foreign minister, Ricardo Patino, this month.

Patino's offer to meet on the matter with his British counterpart, William Hague, is being considered by the UK Foreign Office, according to the BBC.

"UK government officials have been in regular contact with representatives of the Ecuadorian government, both in London and Quito, about Mr Assange," a Foreign Office spokesman said.

"We hope the visit will contribute to our joint commitment to finding a diplomatic solution to this issue."

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Patino will be in London on June 16.

Assange has been holed up in the embassy for a year after being granted political asylum.

If he leaves, he will be arrested over bail violations and faces extradition to Sweden over allegations of rape.

Assange continues to deny the charges and believes that Sweden would likely hand him over the US government for leaking classified documents through Wikileaks.

UK police have stood guard in front of the embassy since Assange arrived a year ago.