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Thieves steal van with 12 bodies inside as a bonus


A Polish judge sentenced three men to prison on May 29, 2013, for stealing a van loaded with 12 coffins and bodies headed for cremation in Germany.


Mario Carlini / Iguana Press

What’s more disturbing about this story, the unwitting thieves who stole a van found 12 dead bodies inside or that the van’s owner cremates by the dozen?

A judge in Poznan, Poland, has sentenced two men for stealing vehicles in Germany last fall, BBC said.

The two thieves are to serve between two and four years.

One of the three vans was loaded with 12 coffins and corpses, temporarily unattended when the drivers took a bathroom break.

The theft happened in October at Hoppegarten, near Berlin, NBC News said.

Thieves took the van from a parking lot in an industrial area, apparently unaware of the contents; it was en route to the German city of Meissen and a crematorium.

The crooks managed to elude police for about a week when authorities found the coffins dumped in Krolikow, Poland, The Local reported.

Neither the coffins nor the bodies were damaged. Police arrested two men, ages 25 and 27, and were looking for one more suspect thought to be the ringleader.

A third man received an 11-month sentence earlier, BBC said.

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