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Emma Way apologizes for bragging about nearly killing cyclist


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A young driver in England is learning that it's not so cool or tough to brag about nearly killing people with your car. Seems like an obvious lesson, but better late than never. 

Emma Way set off a firestorm on Twitter when she posted earlier this week: "Definitely knocked a cyclist off earlier — I have right of way he doesn't even pay road tax," and then signed off with the hashtag #bloody cyclists. (It's not clear if she used "bloody" as in the British expression, or if the word was meant to be taken literally in this case).

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Luckily, the Norwich police quickly called Way out for her Tweet: 



As is often the case with drivers who endorse hitting cyclists, Way has changed her tune now that the law is no longer on her side.

As a result of the controversy, she has also been suspended from her job as a trainee accountant. 

In an interview with ITV News, Way said that it was a "stupid" tweet. She also apologized, although it's not quite clear whether she's sorry for hitting the cyclist, or just sorry for getting in trouble.  "Social networking gets blown out of all proportion. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, I am sorry, I didn't realize it would escalate to this," she told ITV. She added later: "My whole career is at risk now."

Her victim, Toby Hockley, remarkably escaped the collision without any big injuries. He welcomed the apology. In fact, he apologized right back at Way, telling ITV:   "I'm sorry that she's in trouble with her employer." Okay, time for a hug.