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Ecuador's Satellite Involved in Space Fender Bender


The first Ecuadorian satellite, the NEE-01 Pegasus on display in Guayaquil, Ecuador. (Photo: EXA, Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency)

Our Geo Quiz comes from space on Friday.

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We're looking for the name of satellite from Ecuador.

Their satellite – their only satellite – has been involved in what you might call a fender bender.

Russian officials say it may have been a collision with a piece of orbiting space junk from their space activities.

The satellite is a nanno-satellite, a tiny computer with solar wings, but it streams video from space.

Ronnie Nader, an Ecuadorian astronaut and director of the country's space agency EXA, says the collision occurred about 400 miles up in space.

Here's one more hint: Their satellite is named after a constellation in the northern night sky.

The stars form the shape of a winged horse famous in Greek mythology.

Well … on to the answer now.

The Ecuadorian satellite is named "Pegasus."