Paul Ryan's book: The author-to-presidential-candidate theory


US Rep. Paul Ryan speaks during a hearing before the House Ways and Means Committee May 17, 2013 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Ryan is writing a book to be released next year, prompting rumors of a presidential run.


Alex Wong

Paul Ryan is writing a book, sparking the inevitable rumors that he'll be running as a Republican presidential candidate in 2016. 

Ryan's book, slated to be released next year, is expected to be "a mix of autobiography, political analysis, and policy prescriptions," the National Review reported

He is working with prominent D.C. attorney Bob Barnett, but has been writing the first draft by himself. 

The book's focus is "American renewal," with an emphasis on the future of the Republican party. It will touch on his childhood in Janesville, WI, his career in Congress, and of course, his 2012 vice presidential run with Mitt Romney. 

However, the as-yet-untitled story will also attempt to tackle the GOP's "identity crisis." 

As the National Review wrote, 

Behind the scenes, Ryan is worried that the GOP is losing its connection with working Americans, and he has been writing about how the party needs to speak more to those in poverty about empowerment and economic freedom. His recent speeches at the American Enterprise Institute’s Kristol dinner and at Benedictine College have touched on this issue, and Ryan is eager to broaden the argument into chapter form.

Ryan is no stranger to the publishing world: in 2010, he co-wrote "Young Guns," about the new, young wave of conservative leaders in the US. 

So, will there be a 2016 run? His advisors are keeping quiet, but it is a time-honored Washington tradition to write your opus before you put your hat in the presidential ring. 

Just saying, Hillary Clinton is also working on her memoir as we speak. 

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