Oklahoma tornado survivor finds missing dog during TV interview (VIDEO)


Barbara Garcia's dog, who was lost in the Oklahoma tornado, was spotted in the rubble of her home by a member of a CBS News crew on May 21, 2013.


CBS News

An elderly woman whose home was destroyed by the Oklahoma tornado found her missing dog in the rubble during a live TV interview.

The footage shows Barbara Garcia relaying her experience in the tornado to a CBS News reporter as she stands among the wreckage of her home.

"I was sitting on the stool holding my dog," she said.

"This was the game plan all through the years, to go in that little bathroom (together). I rolled around a little bit and when it stopped I was right there (and) that stove cooker is what I saw.

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"I never lost consciousness and I hollered for my little dog and he didn't answer, he didn't come, so I know he's in here somewhere."

As Garcia spoke, a member of the CBS crew spotted the dog's face in the remains of her home and said, "The dog! The dog! Hi, puppy!"

An emotional Garcia crouches down to help her dog climb out from under the rubble and asks for help to pull debris away from him as he slowly walks toward her.

"I thought God just answered one prayer to let me be OK," Garcia said, before walking away from her former home with her dog, "but he answered both of them."