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Filippino boy has 300 characters in his name thanks to dad


Enrolling in school in the Philippines is a pain when your name is 300 characters long.



Some parents seem to love to punish their children for eternity by naming them ridiculous names like Blue Ivy, Kyd and Safe Moonblood.

Other parents just want to have fun testing the memories of friends and family using their childrens' names.

A Philippino father did just that with his two sons and daughter who have had problems renewing their US passports and enrolling in schools because of their lengthy names.

First there's Ratziel whose full name is Ratziel Timshel Ismail Zerubbabel Zabud Zimry Pike Blavatsky Philo Judaeus Polidorus Isurenus Morya Nylghara Rakoczy Kuthumi Krishnamurti Ashram Jerram Akasha Aum Ultimus Rufinorum Jancsi Janko Diamond Hu Ziv Zane Zeke Wakeman Wye Muo Teletai Chohkmah Nesethrah Mercavah Nigel Seven Morningstar A. San Juan CCCII.

Then there's Ramuel Spirituel Mattathiah Obadiah Darius Desiderius Abner Macaire Nowell Asa Izzy Zoon Politikon Trigg Gruffydd Keen Kemp Knowles Bonifacio Makabayan A. San Juan.

Oh and there's also the daughter Ramille Lewisse Marion To Kalon Zoe Vera Natalia Nadezna Zora Hosea Pro Patria Berenice Clotilda Currente Calamo Naomi Nahum Mehetabel A. San Juan.

By now you realize their last name is San Juan.

The names seem to have an odd mix of Greek, Roman, Jewish, Filippino, Scandinavian and 

The massive names have landed them in hot water each time they fill out government documents.

One wonders what their names on credit cards look like.

In 2008, the family made a CNN iReport complaining that the US government passport offices were slow to renew their documents because of their names.

The family lived in the US but moved back to the Philippines recently.