Rob Ford cancels radio show; Gawker crowdsourcing to buy crack video


Gawker.com is using crowdsourcing website Indiegogo to raise $200,000 for a video that supposedly shows Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine.



You’ve heard of the smoking gun, now we have the smoking video.

Gawker wants you to decide for yourselves if Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is really smoking crack in the now infamous iPhone video.

The website, whose staff has seen the video, is using crowdsourcing to raise the money. As of 3 pm Toronto time on Saturday, it had $54,000 of the video’s $200K asking price.

They’re using Indiegogo.com to raise donations, with the promise of perks for those who crack open their wallets the widest.

Gawker's John Cook says at stake is a “crystal clear, well-lit video of the mayor of Toronto smoking crack cocaine, published on Gawker for the world to see.”

More from GlobalPost: Video surfaces of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack

As for the mayor, he’s letting this waft like the haze over Don Valley Parkway at 4 pm on Friday of Victoria Day weekend (that’s really hazy, for non-Canadians).

He still hasn’t called the video a fake, and he canceled his weekend radio show, The Canadian Press reported.

The Toronto Star splashed a screen grab from the video across its front page on Friday with a story saying drug dealers are trying to sell a 90-second video of Ford smoking from a glass pipe.

Since then, the entire world has exploded around the mayor, with most asking for denial and many calling on him to resign.

In an editorial, the Star said “enough is enough.”

Instead of flatly refuting the accusations, he’s called it a smear campaign.

“For the sake of the city, and for his own personal wellbeing, the mayor needs to step down and move quickly to clear the air,” the Star’s editorial says.

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