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Move over, ultrasounds: Fetus holograms are the next big trend (VIDEO)


Perfect gift for mom: a fetus-hologram-lined jewelry box.



Ultrasounds just scream "twentieth century baby," don't they? 

Thank goodness Japanese company Pioneer has developed technology worthy of the twenty-first century fetus. 

Yes, we're talking holograms — the same tech trick that brought 2Pac back to life at Coachella last year and (kind of) keeps money from being counterfeit-able.

Expecting parents can now have the likenesses of their unborn children made into 3D holograms to show off to their friends, who may or may not be completely weirded out. 

"Previously, holograms were produced by shining two lights at the subject and photographing it," a Pioneer spokesman told Japan Today.

"That method involved a lot of work, because it required a darkroom, knowledge of techniques, and specialized equipment. But with the device we’ve developed, even if you don’t have the actual object, as long as you have a CG design, then that can be used to record a hologram easily." 

As Wired explained for those not intimately acquainted with the concept, "Holograms are recordings of "light fields," the sum of the scattered light reflecting off a surface in a range of directions. (As opposed to an ordinary photograph, which captures only the light scattered in one direction)." 

By picking up data gathered during routine pregnancy check-ups, Pioneer's technology can then compile it into a 3D image and, you know, line your jewelry box with it