Syria: Rebels fight government forces at Aleppo prison


A picture shows destruction in the Al-Sukkari district of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on April 5, 2013.



Rebel fighters are battling Syrian government troops inside a massive prison in Syria's northern city of Aleppo.

Early Wednesday morning opposition forces detonated two car bombs, blasting through the walls that hold some 4,000 people, including 250 anti-government activists, according to sources.

The AP reported fighting continued into the night as a stalemate drew on.

There are conflicting reports from both government and opposition forces who both claim to be making progress in the battle.

The opposition did confirm to the BBC that pro-Assad forces used air raids and tanks to ward off their assault at the prison.

It remains unclear if the rebels goal was to free the prisoners aligned with their cause.

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On Wednesday, the United Nation's General Assembly passed a resolution condemning Syria's government for "gross violations" of human rights and recognized opposition umbrella group, the Syrian National Coalition.

Meanwhile across Syria, the Internet was back up after a day-long blackout, the second in a week, the AP said.