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Zimbabwe: Elephant tramples would-be poacher to death


Nine elephants died and had their tusks removed by poachers after watering holes were poisoned in five game reserves in Zimbabwe, officials say.


Alexander Joe

If this isn't karma, we don't know what is.

A suspected poacher was trampled to death by the elephant he was trying to kill in a national park in Zimbabwe, according to news reports.

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The bloodied remains of Solomon Manjoro were found by park rangers after he was charged by a jumbo elephant he was attempting to gun down in the Charara game reserve, the state-run Sunday Mail reported.

His alleged accomplices, 29-year-old Noluck Tafuruka and 52-year-old Godfrey Shonge, were later arrested in the park.

They appeared in court last week on charges of possessing a firearm without a license and contravention of local wildlife laws, according to The Telegraph.

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While an international ban on ivory trade was passed in 1989, demand has risen in recent years and, with it, the number of elephant poachings.

According to LiveScience, an estimated 25,000 elephants are killed in Africa each year.

No word on what became of the elephant in this incident.

One can only hope he's getting the last laugh with his buddies somewhere in the Charara game reserve.