NATO confirm death of 4 US soldiers in southern Afghanistan


US Army troops from C-Company, 1st platoon, 1-23 infantry deploy 'A-pops' - charges fired by rocket onto surfaces suspected to have IED (improvised explosive devices) traps which explode and trigger the safe detonation of the devices at the village of Gerandai in Panjway district, Kandahar Province on September 21, 2012.


Tony Karumba

Four US soldiers were killed in southern Afghanistan Tuesday in a roadside bomb attack.

NATO confirmed the deaths of the ISAF soldiers in Kandahar province in a statement.

The soldiers were on patrol in the Zhari district when their convoy was struck by a bomb likely planted by the Taliban.

"The convoy struck an IED (improvised explosive devise) in Zhari district this afternoon," US Col. Thomas Collins told the Associated Press.

On Monday, a roadside bomb killed three Georgian soldiers near Kandahar city.

Georgia has more than 1500 troops in Afghanistan and has lost 22 soldiers.