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Ground control to Major Tom: International Space Station astronaut does Bowie (VIDEO)

Astronaut Chris Hadfield reveals the new Canadian $5 bill during a publicity event aboard the International Space Station on April 30, 2013. The $5 and $10 bills are made from polymers instead of paper.

Social media-loving astronaut Chris Hadfield released a new treat for the Internet Sunday: a video of him performing David Bowie's beloved "Space Oddity" all the way from the International Space Station. 

The first Canadian commander of the ISS, Hadfield is leaving the ISS and thought he'd mark the moment with the iconic 1969 Bowie tune, which records the curious journey of the fictional Major Tom, who's "floating in the most peculiar way" (as is Hadfield in the video). 

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An active Twitter user and an avowed fan of the Internet, Hadfield already had plenty of geek cred on his five-month stint on the ISS. He's likely to rise to the ranks of nerd royalty with the professionally produced video, and with what appears to be tacit approval from Bowie himself.

Hadfield is handing over the reins of the ISS to Russian colleague Pavel Vladimirovich Vinogradov.

In the video, Hadfield thanks singer-songwriter Emm Gryner, music producer Joe Corcoran, video Andrew Tidby and son Evan Hadfield for their assistance with the distinctly thoughtful footage. 

Looks like David Bowie approves, too:

You can check out Hadfield's popular Twitter feed here, complete with cool pictures of outer space and thoughts on the day-to-day grind of life in space. 

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