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Emergency space walk hopes to fix International Space Station leak (LIVE VIDEO)


The International Space Station is seen from the space shuttle Discovery as the two orbital spacecraft accomplish their relative separation after an aggregate of 12 astronauts and cosmonauts worked together for over a week during flight day 12 activities March 7, 2011 in Space.



NASA has scheduled an emergency space walk to find and fix the source of an ammonia leak at the International Space Station, a quickly-planned interstellar rescue mission that is being broadcast live right now. 

The spacewalk was scheduled after ISS crew noticed ammonia drifting away from the station, a coolant that's used to lower the temperature of power systems on the technologically intricate craft. It may sound dire, but NASA has stressed there's no present danger to the crew, according to 

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Astronauts Chris Cassidy and Tom Marshburn will walk into space to inspect and possibly repair a pump controllant box on the ISS, reports the Space Coast Daily, which noted that the space walk was approved late on Friday. 

The cooling systems have caused trouble before, and a November 2012 spacewalk made some previous repairs to the awry coolant lines. It's still unknown if the new leak of frozen ammonia flakes is coming from the same location. 

The ISS currently has a crew of six, noted the BBC, which added that the return flight of a Canadian and an American crew member could theoretically be delayed due to the sudden technical issues. 

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