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Surgeon accidentally removes the wrong kidney at New York hospital


A doctor at Mount Sinai hospital in New York was relieved of his duties after removing the wrong kidney of a man during surgery.


Christopher Furlong

Think you had a bad week?

There are two people who probably had a worse ones: a patient who was having a bad kidney removed and the surgeon who took out the good one by accident.

The surgeon at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York - one of the most prestigious hospitals in the US - was relieved of his duties after the mishap.

The diseased kidney was finally removed after the mistake was found.

The 76-year-old patient is okay despite having one bad kidney and one worse one (that is now gone) and being on dialysis - and once having bladder cancer.

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Spokeswoman for the hospital, Dorie Klissas, was quick to tell reporters that the man is okay and the hospital regrets what happened.

She refused to reveal details about the doctor and when exactly this took place.

"This event should never have occurred at Mount Sinai," Klissas said.

"We apologized to the patient, and we will do all we can to ensure that something like this never happens again."

She also said that the patient still trusts the surgeon who earlier helped him fight bladder cancer.