Obama to visit Berlin in June


US President Barack Obama will make an official visit to Germany next month.

President Barack Obama will visit Berlin next month where he will meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

A German government spokesman made the announcement Friday, saying the country was looking forward to Obama's first official trip to Berlin since he took office, Reuters reported.

"The chancellor is very much looking forward to this visit and the talks with the president and his delegation on a very broad spectrum of bilateral and global issues, including the further deepening of transatlantic relations," said deputy spokesman Georg Streiter.

Streiter said Obama, who will be joined by his wife, Michelle, will be in Berlin from June 18 to 19, AP reported.

A statement from the White House said Obama's trip aims to "reaffirm the strong ties between the United States and Germany, our vital ally and economic partner," AFP reported.

Officials in Berlin had long complained that the president had not visited the German capital, despite visiting Germany twice as president.

Before arriving in Berlin, Obama will be attending a summit of the G-8 in Northern Ireland on June 17 and 18, in which the world's leaders converge.