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Stranded car on a construction site in China


A car that was left behind in a shutdown carpark is surrounded by debris after construction began to widen a street in Taiyuan in China's Shanxi province on May 6, 2013. The construction unit started working around the car for several days after they failed to contact the owner.



Imagine coming back to your car after a long day at work and finding this (see photo).

The demolition of a car park in China has left one driver in a rather tight spot.

Construction workers in Taiyuan left the Volkswagen for 10 days apparently before beginning to dismantle the site.

They couldn't wait for the owner any longer.

The Daily Mail said the bizarre site of the white car amidst the rubble has caused quite a stir among residents of Taiyuan, six hours west of Beijing.

It is unclear whether the other vehicle owners were contacted about the demolition or not.

Someone is going to have a long day.

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