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Euro Protection for a Centuries Old Traditional Scottish Pudding

We're flipping the Geo Quiz on its head.

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We'll tell you the name of a place – it's off the western coast of Scotland – then it's up to you to name the delicacy it's known for.

The place is the Isle of Lewis.

It's at the northern end of Lewis and Harris, a single island that everyone there thinks of as two islands.

The Lewis part of the isle is low lying and flatter, perfect for grazing sheep.

The southern end, Harris, is more mountainous which affords excellent views of the North Atlantic.

The biggest town in Lewis is Stornoway, population: 9,000.

The local delicacy with a worldwide reputation – the one we want you to name – has just been granted official food protection by the European Union (Protected Geographical Indication).

This meaty delicacy, if you can call it that, is now in a league with Champagne and Camembert.

Locals say the Stornoway-made treat has "a lovely crumble to it…with no lumps of fat, unlike the Irish and English versions."

So what is it?

Locals on the Scottish isle Lewis regard this traditional delicacy as one of the island's proudest cultural achievements.

Claire McLeod works at her grandfather's butcher shop on the isle of Lewis, the Charles MacLeod Butcher Shop. So she knows the recipe for Stornoway Black Pudding, the answer to our Geo Quiz.

Here's a black pudding recipe courtesy of the Charles Macleod Butchers. Stornoway Black Pudding with Caramelized Apples

Heat slices of black pudding in butter so they are crispy on the outside but still moist in the middle (you can grill them if preferred just keep an eye on them!)
In the same way, the thin apple slices are baked slowly in plenty of unsalted butter. Add some cinnamon and caster sugar and stir in gently to let it caramelize but keep the heat low in case it burns or the apples over cook and fall apart.
Finally add sultanas that have been soaked in half a glass of cognac (or brandy, amaretto, or nothing if you prefer!)
Serve with rye bread and raspberry and onion confit.