Ariel Castro charged with rape, kidnapping as women return home



A car carrying Amanda Berry arrives at her sister's house, on May 8, 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio. Three brothers have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping of three women, including Amanda Berry. They were found safe in a home after being missing for a decade, authorities said. There were more questions than answers the day after the stunning turn of events that began with a frantic arm sticking out of a screen door, a woman screaming for help, and a neighbor kicking in the door to free her in a working-class neighborhood of the city in the American heartland. Ariel Castro and his brothers - Pedro, 54, and Onil, 50 have been detained, authorities said.



Prosecutors filed rape and kidnapping charges today against a Cleveland man arrested after three women missing for a decade were found in his home.

Ariel Castro, 52, faces three counts of rape and four counts of kidnapping in the horrifying case that has captured the world's attention.

His brothers, Pedro and Onil Castro, will not be charged and were not involved.

The charges come as two of the women held captive returned home for the first time in a decade.

Neighbors, well wishers and journalists swarmed the suburban Cleveland home of Amanda Berry, carrying balloons and flowers while they waited for Berry's motorcade to arrive.

The home is about a 10-minute drive from the Seymour Avenue residence where the women were being held.

Berry's sister, Beth Serrano, gave a brief statement where she thanked the public and the media for their support and then tearfully asked for privacy as her sister readjusts to life outside of captivity.

"We are so happy to have Amanda home. We request privacy to recover," Serrano said.

Gina DeJesus, who is now 23, also returned home today, giving a thumbs up to roaring cheers when she emerged from a van outside her family's house.

"There are not enough words to say or express for the joy we feel for the return of our family member Gina," said DeJesus' aunt, Sandra Ruiz.

Berry made a dash for freedom on Monday with the help of a neighbor and alerted police to the house where she was being held with two other women.

Now 27, Berry has a six-year-old daughter she says was born on Christmas.

About a week ago, Ariel Castro took the girl to a nearby park, neighbor Israel Lugo told the Washington Post.

"I asked him whose kid was it, and he told me his girlfriend’s daughter," Lugo said.

Berry, DeJesus and Michelle Knight, now 32, were allegedly in the house since their teens or early 20s, police said.

Chief Michael McGrath of the Cleveland police, confirmed to the “Today” show on Wednesday that the kidnapping suspects used roped and chains to tie up the women.

"We have confirmation that they were bound, and there were chains and ropes in the home," he said. 

Chief McGrath also said the women were "very rarely" allowed outside, or "released out in the backyard once in a while, I believe."