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Shooting target 'The Ex' (as in ex-girlfriend) featured at NRA convention (VIDEO)


Bill Saxler of Milwaukee holds a Bushmaster rifle 19 May, 2006, during the 135th National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



Time to channel some romantic anger courtesy of the National Rifle Association with "The Ex," a scantily-dressed female shooting target who bleeds when fired upon, reportedly on display at the organization's Houston event. 

This while the same vendor was forced to remove an Obama-looking target, said Buzzfeed

Guess "Alexa" wasn't seen as politically damaging, even though the female shooting target was Zombie Industries' only woman in a line-up of 15 mannequins, reported PolicyMic

"To discriminate against Women by not having them represented in our product selection would be just plain sexist," the Zombie Industries website explained -- apparently deadly serious.

The large-breasted female target starts bleeding when shot at and upon further assault denigrates into a horrifically battered hourglass-shaped figure. See PolicyMic's photo here

Given her sweeping title, "The Ex" is apparently meant to give vent to everyone's romantic rage, regardless of gender.

In other words, "Alexa," who costs $99.95, lacks a male counterpart. 

But they do have "Bleeding Rocky Zombie," a target that looked suspiciously like President Barack Obama, said Buzzfeed on Sunday, saying the controversial figure was banned from the Houston event. 

In other weapons-related news, a new 3-D printed gun called "The Liberator" is receiving growing attention.

Watch Liberator producer Cody Wilson test-fire it: