Two Chinese girls die after drinking poisoned yogurt


A man tests a homemade yogurt during the 'Day of Yogurt' celebration in the town of Tran, Bulgaria, on July 16, 2011.



Two young girls in China's Hebei province have died after drinking yoghurt laced with rat poison, allegedly planted along the roadside by the owner of a rival kindergarten. 

The poisoned drink was placed with some notebooks, apparently by a man acting at the behest of the female owner of a rival kindergarten — though, as the BBC notes, it's unclear how exactly the poisonings were meant to cast aspersions on the other school. 

The children's grandmother found the drinks by the roadside, and the two children were discovered "foaming at the mouth" shortly afterward.

Both died quickly, according to AFP sources. Their ages were not given to media.

According to the Associated Press, authorities have detained a woman and a man as they investigate the poisonings. 

The BBC reports that the owner of the rival school has confessed to the poisoning. 

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