Iron Man 3: Blockbuster in China, Not Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Tony Stark will yet again be saving the world this weekend. Iron Man Three opens in the US.

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The film is already a hit in China, where it brought in $21 million when it opened there on Wednesday.

But, Americans won't be watching the same version of the blockbuster as their Chinese counterparts over the weekend.

That's because the film was altered for Chinese audiences.

Not such a rare thing these days according to John Horn, film writer for the L.A. Times and a contributor on The Business, a show about the business of Hollywood on KCRW in Los Angeles.

China is the world's second largest market for the movies and as more theaters open there, Hollywood is hankering to into that market even if it means changing the script.

Host, Aaron Schachter speaks with Horn about the concessions Hollywood's has had to make.