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Eel smuggling suspects arrested


A Chinese man had to be hospitalized after inserting a 20-inch live eel into his buttocks. He told emergency crews he got the idea from a porn movie.



It's a slippery job, but someone's got to do it.  New Hampshire state police have arrested two men who they say are involved in an international eel smuggling operation.

Police tried to arrest both suspects earlier, but in an escape that is fitting for an eel smuggler, one of the men got away with a set of handcuffs on one hand,  the Associated Press reported

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The escapee even got pepper-sprayed before he managed to run away into the woods,  WMUR reported. But later today, police finally got him. Both men are now in custody. State police say that eel smuggling is a lucrative business, as eels can be sold overseas as meat for $2,000 a pound.

Last month, a Chinese man was hospitalized after he put an eel  in his butt. One can only hope that it wasn't one of the same eels that ended up getting sold as eel meat and eaten.