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#AFridayIn: Johannesburg, South Africa


An "American-style Amber Ale" from the Citizen Alliance brewery in Cape Town compliments a delicious lunch in Joburg, South Africa.


Erin Conway-Smith

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This is not the first time GlobalPost's Erin Conway-Smith has taken our Twitter followers on a tour of a far-off land for the Twitter series, @AFridayIn. In fact, Erin's first AFridayIn adventure was spent taking GlobalPost readers and followers out on the town in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She showed us graffiti, braai and boerewors — just a few signs of an authentic night out in South Africa's answer to New York City.

This Friday, Erin took us on a slightly less raucous, but no less fascinating tour of her home base. From gritty food vans to fancier gastropubs, Erin shared an authentic and delicious Friday in Johannesburg — and when all was said and done, she gave GlobalPost readers and followers a beautiful inside look at this South African city, and for a moment, gave many of us an exotic reprieve from our otherwise humdrum Fridays at work.

If you missed it live, catch up with Erin's delectable journey in the tweets below. To see the rest of GlobalPost's adventures, check out our #AFridayIn series page or follow along:@AFridayIn.

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