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Shamshad Begum, a Star Bollywood Voice, Dies at 94


Indian play-back singer Shamshad Begum (C, on wheel-chair) receives India's civilian award, Padma Bhushan, from Indian President Pratibha Patil during an award ceremony at the presidential palace in New Delhi March 31, 2009. REUTERS/B Mathur (INDIA ENTERTAINMENT POLITICS) - RTXDG65



A major Bollywood star died in Mumbai last week.

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During the golden age of Indian cinema, in the 1940s and 50s, Shamshad Begum was the voice of many actresses, yet was not seen on movie screens.

She had not been heard since the 1970s, but journalist Sidharth Bhatia in Mumbai says thanks to YouTube and television archives, people still remembered her fondly at the time of her death.

Shamshad Begum was 94-years-old.