Georgia high school hosts 1st racially integrated prom (VIDEO)


Two students from Wilcox High School in Georgia attend their first racially integrated prom on April 27, 2013.



For the first time ever, students at Georgia's Wilcox County High School held a racially integrated prom.

"I feel like we are living Martin Luther King's dream," said student Alexis Miller.

Miller, who is white, attended Saturday's event with her black boyfriend.

Wilcox High School is one of the last in the state to hold privately run, segregated proms because the school system does not sponsor any prom at all, leading to "black" and "white" dances and proms.

The school made it clear that it did not play any part in hosting the traditional, segregated proms, but that it does host an integrated dance called the Military Ball. It also said it will discuss making next year's prom and inclusive, official school dance.

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The tradition has led to some uncomfortable and painful moments recently, including a biracial student being turned away from a white dance and the winner of an integrated homecoming court in Abbeville, Quanesha Wallace, not being permitted to attend the "white" homecoming party because she is black.

Saturday's prom had a high turnout, with many white students choosing to attend the integrated dance instead of last week's "white" prom.

The students who planned the racially integrated event had also set up a Facebook page asking for help to raise enough money for the historic event and also to donate some of the money to scholarship funds.