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Somalia to receive international mail once again


A Somali woman reacts on March 18, 2013 near the site of a car bomb in central Mogadishu. Despite bouts of unrest, Somalia has shown signs of stability recently and last week the Universal Postal Union signed a deal that would see international mail return after 22 years.


Mohamed Abdiwahab

GENEVA, Switzerland - After a 22-year hiatus, Somalia's postal service will once again be accepting international mail.

Reuters reported that the war torn country struck a deal with the United Nations' Universal Postal Union (UPU) to reconnect itself to the world once again via snail mail.

“It is time for our government to provide postal services,” said Abdullahi E. Hersi, Somali minister of information.

“People may have the internet and phones, but these will never replace the benefit of receiving mail from a distance,” he said.

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Hersi said that mail was a human right.

The UPU said that international mail service could begin in the next few months.

Somalia was devastated by civil war and famines since 1991 and has only recently showed signs of stability.