British tourists on Dubai vacation sentenced to four years in prison


A gallery in Dubai where the respected Christie's auction house held an event on modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art. Christie's opened its Dubai office in 2005.


Karim Sahib

After months in jail, allegedly suffering abuse at the hands of the Dubai government, three British men have been  found guilty of drug charges in Dubai and have each been sentenced to four more years behind bars.

Londoners Suneet Jeerh, Grant Cameron and Karl Williams all denied the charges. They were  arrested while on vacation in Dubai  this summer. Police say they found cannabis in the suspects' car.

The three men, meanwhile, say that Dubai police tortured them. Grant Cameron's mother described a terrifying story of the alleged abuse to the Daily Mail. "They were taken back to their hotel room, they were beaten in their hotel room, it does appear they were separated from each other and each taken to a different room," she said.

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"Karl was laid out on the bed, his trousers were stripped down and electric shocks were administered to his testicles while he was blindfolded."

Police in Dubai have denied any wrongdoing, but legal rights charity Reprieve has taken on their case and hopes to get all the charges dismissed,  BBC News reported.

The British government has also expressed concern about the torture allegations. The Foreign Office  told the Associated Press on Sunday that British officials “have raised, and continue to raise, these allegations at the most senior levels" and has called for for a “full, impartial and independent” inquiry into the claims.