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Oldest man in Saudi Arabia dead at 120


Saudi Arabian men wait outside the Masmak Palace to show allegiance to the kingdom's new Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz in Riyadh on June 23, 2012.

The oldest man in Saudi Arabia has died at the age of 120, leaving behind 24 children and 447 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, according to local media reports.

Sheikh Awad bin Abdul Aziz bin Saifi Al Qarni died of “old age” at his home in the central village of Al Badadha, where he was the tribal chief for most of his life, the reports said without specifying when he passed away. 

Born in 1893, Sheikh Awad had two dozen children with several wives.

His eldest son is aged 98 and his eldest grandson is 65, but it was not clear from the reports if they were the oldest of Sheikh Awad’s many offspring.

The Sabq newspaper said Sheikh Awad was considered a “nice, wise and frank man” who was “loved by all.”

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