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Man found living with corpse in Michigan


The shooting happened just streets from Hofstra University where the 21-year-old victim was a student.


Joe Raedle

A Michigan man was arrested after authorities found the rotting corpse of a woman on his living room sofa.

Court officers made the discovery while serving an eviction notice on Dennis McCauley in Redford Township, near Detroit, this week.

Authorities believe the 72-year-old woman's corpse had been there at least six months.

McCauley, 64, was arraigned today on charges of failing to report a death, mutilation of a corpse, larceny, uttering and publishing involving Social Security checks and identity theft.

"When we found the body, the upper arm was separated from the right shoulder," police Sgt. Kevin Crittenden told The Associated Press, referring to the mutilation charge.

Neighbors at the trailer park told the Detroit News they hadn't seen the woman in months.

Preliminary autopsy results indicate she died of natural causes.

Authorities believe the two had lived together for about three years.

The incident comes after a Jackson, Michigan, kept her friend’s dead body clean and dressed in the home they shared last year because she was lonely.