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How the Carjack Victim Survived 90-Harrowing Minutes with the Tsarnaev Brothers


A tribute to MIT police officer Sean Collier (L), killed by the Boston marathon bombing suspects and MBTA police officer Richard Donahue, Jr. (R), shot and injured in a shoot out with the suspects, is seen at a memorial to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings near the scene of the blasts on Boylston Street in Boston, Massachusetts, April 21, 2013. Investigators were seeking a motive for the Boston Marathon bombings and whether others were involved as they awaited a chance on Sunday to interview the surviving ethnic Chechen suspect. REUTERS/Jim Bourg (UNITED STATES - Tags: CRIME LAW) - RTXYUIX



A new article by Boston Globe reporter Eric Moscowitz gives an account of the carjacking victim from last Thursday night's events in Boston.

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The victim, Danny, a Chinese emigre, describes how he spent a harrowing 90-minutes with the Tsarnaev brothers playing down his success, his new Mercedes, and a new job at a start-up. Instead he played up the idea of being a foreigner from China.

Danny was adept at what writer and MIT professor, Seth Mnookin calls "code-switching," or shifting your identity depending on the person that you're talking with.

Anchor Marco Werman talks with Mnookin about Danny's interaction with the brothers as well as the atmosphere today at MIT one week after the tragic events that occurred near the campus.