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British taxpayers paid $5.6 million for Thatcher's funeral


A portrait of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher hangs on the wall at the Conservative Party headquarters in Finchley in north London on April 10, 2013. British lawmakers interrupted their holidays for a special session of parliament on April 10 to pay tribute to Margaret Thatcher, who died on April 8 at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke.


Andrew Cowie

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's funeral cost British taxpayers the equivalent of $5.6 million, the government announced Thursday, according to BBC News.

Thatcher served as prime minister from 1979 to 1990 and died of a stroke on April 8. The former Conservative Party leader was 87 years old, and her death put a spotlight on her controversial legacy.

Anticipating possible protests during her memorial event on April 17, the British government spent the majority of the funeral funds on security. 

The cost of the funeral was not publicly discussed prior to the state event, however, said BBC.

The government spent 500,000 British pounds on the ceremony and reception but set aside over one million for security, deploying four thousand officers. They also paid over two million pounds to officers who had to give up their regular duties in order to staff the event, according to BBC, citing the prime minister's office. 

Thatcher's family took care of flowers and undertaking arrangements, according to the Associated Press. That amount was not made public, said BBC.