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Skin fillers are "crisis waiting to happen," experts say


The FDA has warned that counterfeit Botox may have been shipped to 350 clinics around the United States.


Win McNamee

Britain's cosmetic surgery industry is poorly regulated, a group of independent health experts charged in a report released today. The group expressed particular concern about skin fillers. "It is our view that dermal fillers are a crisis waiting to happen," the report says.

The report argues that dermal fillers should require a prescription. “Anyone can give you a (skin) filler anytime, anywhere,” Bruce Keogh, medical director of the National Health Service, told reporters.  “This is a bizarre situation.”

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One woman, Laura-Alicia Summers, told Marie Claire that she had a lip filler that went horribly wrong after her lips plumped up to five times their normal size."The whole area was swollen and I couldn’t open my mouth," she told the magazine, adding that it took a full month for her face to look normal again. 

And attorney Michael Saul, who represents victims of botched cosmetic procedures, told BBC News about a patient who went blind in one eye immediately after being injected with a dermal filler. "Profits before patients, that's what happens. Surgery is sold like double glazing and it's totally wrong."