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Google Street View adds Hungary and Lesotho


A Google Street View image of downtown Maseru, Lesotho.


Google Street View

If Google Inc. was chastened by the $190,000 fine Germany slapped on the company yesterday for illegally collecting data from wireless networks while researching its Google Street View service, it doesn’t show.

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Today, Google announced that it has just added Hungary and Lesotho to Street View, a Google Maps option that lets users virtually jump into millions of locations and take a 360-degree look around.

Basotho living abroad, returned Peace Corps volunteers and Prince Harry will no doubt enjoy being able to take the yellow Google Maps man for a stroll down Kingsway in downtown Maseru. And homesick Hungarians can now walk along the Danube virtually.

These latest additions are significant for Google, too. They mean Street View, which launched in 2007 with just five American cities, is now available for 50 countries.

Google also announced it’s completed the single largest update to Street View in its history, adding 360-degree views to nearly 350,000 miles of roads across 14 countries.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

The company said France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore and Thailand all received some sort of update or expansion on Street View.