Shooting in Russia leaves six dead, including two teenage girls (VIDEO)

Russian police are hunting for a suspect involved in a mass shooting in the city of Belgorod.

The alleged shooter, Sergei Pomazun, shot six people dead, including two teenage girls, after robbing a hunting shop.

Pomazun fled the scene in a stolen BMW that was later found abandoned.

The suspect, who is believed to be in his 30s, is said to have entered the hunting store and opened fire, killing three staff members.

RT reported that amateur video shows bodies laying on the pavement outside the store indicating that he killed people as he made his escape.

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Pomazun was said to have been released from prison a year earlier.

Police are conducting a massive manhunt of the area and RT reported that the suspect's father was actively helping investigators.

Russian president had been notified of the shooting.

Belgorod, a city of about half a million people near the Ukrainian border, will honor the victims with two days of mourning.