LA bomb threat: Hooters and Cal State evacuated


FBI crime scene investigators sweep up Boylston Street just past Berkeley Street towards the scene of the bombing looking for evidence April 17, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts.


Darren McCollester

California police got calls Thursday saying that there were bombs at two public universities, but it turned out to be a hoax. While one of the threats, against UC Berkeley, was treated by local police as low risk, the other threat against Cal State Los Angeles was taken more seriously, with campus officials  urging everyone to evacuate.

Police believe that both threats were made by the same person, a police spokesman  told the Christian Science Monitor.

Students at Cal State LA were told to evacuate, though they weren't sure why. “This time they didn’t give us information,” one student told KTLA.

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“They didn’t tell us what was going on.”

The Los Angeles Police Department was kept busy yesterday with another bomb threat at a Hooters restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard. A man allegedly walked into the restaurant Thursday with an ice chest, claiming a bomb was inside. After the restaurant and other stores on the busy block were evacuated, the suspect attempted to clear things up.

"I was joking," he told officers,   the Los Angeles Times reported. Nice try, but not funny. He has been taken into custody.