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Twitter #Music app launches for iPhone and Web today


Twitter Music: Coming soon to Twitter users across the globe.


Twitter Music Screengrab

The wait is over — Twitter #Music has arrived.

Yes, that's right folks, after testing the music feature with musical artists and influencers, Twitter #Music will be available today online at and as a separate app for the iPhone through the App Store.

What does the music app do, you ask? 

Well, according to Good Morning America, (who got an early look at the service), Twitter #Music is a music discovery app as opposed to a full blown music service, but it still looks pretty awesome. Conveniently comprised of a Web component as well as a standalone iPhone app, Twitter #Music aims to help you find music based on the bands that you and your friends follow on Twitter.

But that's not all.

The polished iPhone app is centered on four pages or "tabs", which can be accessed with a simple swipe of the finger.

The 'Popular tab' shows users which music is trending in the Twitterverse; The 'Emerging tab' shows "hidden talent found in tweets." The 'Suggested tab' shares artists you might like to follow based on those you already follow as well as the artists who they follow. And finally, a '#NowPlaying tab' shows you the songs that your friends are listening to or tweeting

When asked about the agility of the Twitter app, Michael Sippey, Twitter's VP of product, said that, "There are times when you need a single-purpose driven knife in the kitchen and there are times when you are out camping and you want a Swiss Army knife. We have different apps for different purposes." 

Sounds like Twitter has all its bases covered. Or do they?

As it turns out, while the Twitter #Music app will be available to iPhone users the world over, Android users won't be granted access to the app quite yet.

So will Android owners be licking their wounds until they too are granted the keys to the Twitter #Music kingdom?

Right now, we're not sure — but we can't help but share the sentiment expressed by our friends at Wired who said, "Android users, for now at least, are left standing around like a bunch of hobos."