Iran: Earthquake injures at least two people in northwest town of Tasooj


An Iranian resident from the village of Baje-Baj, near the town of Varzaqan, stands on top of the rubble of his destroyed home on August 12, 2012, as rescue workers search for survivors, after twin earthquakes hit northwestern Iran on August 11.



Iran's northwest was rocked by a moderate earthquake on Thursday that left at least two people injured, reported the Associated Press

US measurements put the quake at 4.8, but Iranian sources said it was a 5.2, according to AP

Iran's state-run Press TV said the earthquake rattled the eastern Azerbaijani province with a 4.1-magnitute aftershock. The initial quake hit around 9 AM in the city Tasooj, which lies about 370 miles northwest of the capital Tehran. 

Local emergency spokesperson Habib Hasangholizadeh told Iranian media two people have been hospitalized.

This is the third earthquake to hit Iran within the last 10 days, said AP, coming after a magnitude-7.5 quake on Tuesday and a magnitude-6.1 quake in the south a week prior. Scores were reported killed in both quakes, but the exact death toll remains unclear. 

Seismic activity is so common in Iran that the nation is said to feel an earthquake a day, but it does not usually experience a large number of substantial quakes in such a short period of time.