Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman Jr., pictured with legs missing, has further amputations


The image of a gravely injured Jeff Bauman Jr. being helped by Carlos Arredondo.

Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman Jr., whose image as he was rushed down the street in a wheelchair was widely circulated in the wake of the blasts, has lost what was left of his legs.

Bauman's father said that doctors at Boston Medical Center had to amputate what was left of both lower legs.

The senior Bauman wrote on Facebook:

"Unfortunately my son was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

His stepmother, Csilla Bauman, who lives with Bauman's father in New Hampshire, told The Philadelphia Inquirer that although he was responding to questions and commands, he was not completely aware of his situation or how badly he was hurt.

"We're all just gathering around him, loving him, telling him we're here for him."

Bauman, 27, who was at the marathon finish cheering on his girlfriend and her roommates, inadvertently became the center of some of the Boston attacks' most iconic images.

In video footage and photographs, an ashen-faced Bauman is seen with his lower legs missing, a man in a cowboy hat running alongside him, pressing against Bauman's exposed femoral artery to stem the bleeding.

The rescuer has since been identified as Carlos Arredondo, a Costa Rican immigrant who has himself faced much adversity, including the death of one son at war in Iraq and another by suicide.

According to USA Today, Arredondo was supporting five marathoners running to honor Marine servicemembers who died in battle, as part of from the Run for the Fallen.

His son, US Marine Lance Cpl. Alexander Arredondo, was killed in 2004 during his second tour in Iraq.

His other son, Brian, battled depression for years following his brother's death and committed suicide in 2011.

The grisly photo of Bauman, while published uncensored in the hours after the attack, had since been cropped by most news organizations to obscure the gruesome damage to his legs.

Jeff Bauman grew up with his mother in Chelmsford, Mass., near Lowell, but has family roots in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. Several aunts and uncles rushed to Boston when they heard the news, and more relatives were on their way.

"He has a big family," Csilla Bauman told USA Today.