Disneyland's Space Mountain shut down for safety review


Disneyland temporarily shut down Space Mountain, the Matterhorn and Soarin' over California rides after receiving seven safety citations from OSHA.



LOS ANGELES -- Two of Disneyland's most popular attractions remained closed on Sunday after the park received seven citations from state safety regulators.

The park voluntarily shut down the Matterhorn Bobsleds ride, Space Mountain and Soarin’ Over California after receiving the citations from the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health Administration on Friday, Suzi Brown, spokeswoman for Disneyland Resort told the Los Angeles Times.

The Matterhorn has since reopened.

Disneyland was cited for safety concerns after an employee of a contractor was injured doing routine maintenance on Space Mountain in November.

OSHA cited the amusement park for failing to properly mount fire extinguishers on the popular high-speed roller coaster and not providing guardrails on elevator work locations.

Disneyland was also cited for not correcting "the unsafe work practice of employees of both Disneyland Resort and [contractor] HSG, Inc. accessing the upper and lower exterior platforms of a building (Space Mountain) by means of unsafe ladderways," the OSHA document read.

Brown, the Disneyland spokeswoman, said visitors to the park were never in danger but the company decided to shut the rides in order to review safety protocol for park employees. 

"We constantly strive to maintain a safe work environment for our cast members and contractors — and we are reviewing certain protocols," she told CBS.

Another employee was critically injured when he was struck with a vehicle on Space Mountain while performing a test in October.

Brown said the ride did not malfunction and state officials are investigating the accident.