Japan the target of North Korea's ire


North Korea warned Japan that it would be the first target if a regional war broke out.


Yoshikazu Tsuno

North Korea said Friday that Japan was conspiring with the United States to threaten its security.

Reports indicate that North Korean officials said that Tokyo would be their first target if war broke out.

The DPRK is specifically angry at the possibility that Japan will be a staging ground for US drones that will hover over the peninsula.

Word of the threat came from North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) and warned that if Japan destroyed a Korean missile nuclear war would be imminent.

''Japan is always in the cross-hairs of our revolutionary army and if Japan makes a slightest move, the spark of war will touch Japan first,'' KCNA said in a commentary.

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“This military nexus is bound to entail unpredictable consequences as it is a dangerous action of escalating the regional tension," they said.

Japan has said that it will take every measure to protect itself from North Korean rockets.

The New York Times reported that Japan has already put Patriot interceptor missile batteries around Tokyo in case of a nuclear launch.

The Japanese defence ministry also said that warships carrying radar and interceptor missiles were being deployed off the Korean peninsula.

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