Author Kong Dan Oh's 'North Korea Through the Looking Glass'

Korean specialist Kong Dan Oh has a unique insight into North Korea.

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Oh was born to North Korean parents and has spent her life studying the misfit nation.

She argues that the best way to change North Korea, and "end the darkness" as she calls it, is to use the truth.

"Only true knowledge and information will rescue North Koreans," she says in her book "North Korea: Through the Looking Glass."

"We have to have a more consolidated and coordinated and comprehensive information warfare," she adds, "so the North Koreans (can) make their own fate."

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    Kong Dan Oh (Photo: Brookings Institution)

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    North Korean women walk in front of portraits of North Korea's founder Kim Il-sung (left) and late leader Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang. In neighboring China, the three Kims are known as the Three Fatties. (Photo: REUTERS/Kyodo)