Sea of Galilee: Archaeologists discover ancient monument


An Israeli man practices kite surfing during sunset in the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel on September 5, 2009.



Archaeologists have discover an ancient stone monument under the Sea of Galilee.

Israeli researchers said the large stone structure was likely created by human hands 4,000 years ago.

"The shape and composition of the submerged structure does not resemble any natural feature. We therefore conclude that it is man-made," researchers explained in the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology.

They said the huge megalithic structure could be a burial mound created by an ancient culture and submerged under the sea over thousands of years.

Yitzhak Paz told Live Science the structure could give new details about the ancient city of Bet Yerah, also known as Khirbet Kerak, “the most powerful and fortified town in this region, and, as a matter of fact, in the whole of Israel."

Decades of excavation in the area have shown Bet Yerah was a major center of activity in the Early Bronze Age.