The #SchoolYear Twitter account

The #SchoolYear Twitter account

This blog post is part of a year-long series, School Year: Learning, Poverty, and Success in a South African Township. Read more on the School Year Blog.

While the students at COSAT are exceptional in many ways, they share challenges with students around the world. How do parents and home life affect education? What’s it like to live in a multilingual community? What breakthrough moments do students have?

We’re hoping to foster a global conversation around these issues via Twitter. I’ll let our social media manger, Angilee Shah, explain what we’re doing.


Thanks, Anders.

We have created a new Twitter account – @PRISchoolYear – and are handing over the keys to teachers around the world. Every week or so, a new teacher will share a bit about what things are like in his or her classroom. This will give followers a chance to see many perspectives on education as the school year progresses.

First up is Todd Nesloney, a tech-savvy fifth-grade math teach in Waller, Texas.

I’ll be tweeting for @prischoolyear for the next two wks!! Super pumped. Please follow and join the journey as new Ts take over every 2 wks

— Todd Nesloney (@TechNinjaTodd) April 7, 2013

We look forward to hearing how teachers’ experiences around the world differ, and in what ways they are the same. Feel free to ask questions to the teacher who is tweeting, and offer up your suggestions for future tweeters.

This is a grand experiment, inspired by others such as @hellofrmsg and @Sweden. We’re happy to have you along for the journey.


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