John Kerry bringing 24 Canadians home to US after winning bet (VIDEO)

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, left, presents US Secretary of State John Kerry with a case of Molson Canadian beer on the sidelines of the G8 Foreign Ministers meeting at Lancaster House in London on April 11, 2013, to pay off a gentlemen's bet on the women's ice hockey championship between Canada and the US. The US won 3-2.

Secretary of State John Kerry will be brining 24 Canadians home with him from the G8 summit in London.

If you’re lucky enough, maybe he’ll crack one open so you can taste for yourself how delicious they are.

The 24 cold ones are a gift from Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, presented to Kerry today at Lancaster House during a joint press conference.

See, they had a bet on the women’s world ice hockey championship held in Canada’s capital of Ottawa, Ontario, earlier this week.

The US beat Canada 3-2 for the gold medal Tuesday. Riding on the game were 24 Molson Canadian beer from Baird or a case of Boston-based Sam Adams from Kerry, the former Massachusetts senator.

“I just gave you a Canadian ‘gift’ because the Canadian women’s hockey team lost,” Baird said. “Congratulations to the American women for an extraordinary game.”

Proving Canadian-US relations just got a little icier, Kerry reminded Baird of the context.

“This isn’t a gift though, it’s something I won.”

True to his Canadian nature, Baird is actually overpaying. He promised US Embassy staff in Ottawa a case of Beau’s Lugtread Ale from a micro-brewery near his home.

Beau’s even designed the bottles with special “Congratulations: See you in Sochi” labels with reference to the 2014 Winter Games in Russia.

The Americans and Canadians have decided each and every gold medal at the Olympics and World Championships since their inception.

Baird, however, can’t wait that long and has already started taunting Kerry in hopes of a “rematch.”

The Canadian politician suggested he’ll happily claim that case of Sam Adams when the Ottawa “Senators beat the Bruins.”

“You don’t learn,” Kerry said.

“We’re going to get it eventually,” Baird replied.

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