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Finland accidentally puts Putin on criminal blacklist


Putin responded to US sanctions against Russian officials by banning Americans from adopting Russian children.


Mikhail Klimentyev

Finnish authorities said Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin had accidently been placed in a secret criminal blacklist, meaning he could have been arrested at the border -- not exactly head-of-state treatment, reported the Associated Press.

Finnish TV attributed the move to Putin's alleged contact with the Russian motorcycle gang Night Wolves, but a police source told AP they had no idea how it got there.

"We have ordered it to be removed and are investigating the case very thoroughly. We don't know how it got there," National Police Board spokesman Robin Lardot told AP.

Finnish police chief Mikko Paatero quickly issued a statement saying the event was "extremely exceptional" but "not under any circumstance acceptable," said Reuters

Finnish authorities higher-up were also quick to apologize. Interior Minister Paivi Rasanen, who is responsible for the police, sent her "sincerest apologies" to the Russian leader, calling it a matter of "grave concern," according to AP